I’m Russell Goldenberg. I create data-driven stories for the internet.


Ranking the Biggest NBA Finals Carry Jobs It is mostly LeBron James.


A Visual History of Rickrolling Millions of comments, posts, and links, charted.


Help a Computer Win the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest This is a weekly experiment to see if an artificial intelligence program can produce real humor.


How many artists overshadow their band after going solo? What the data say about Beyoncé, Nick Lachey, and others.


Nothing Breaks Like A.I. Heart An essay about artificial intelligence, emotional intelligence, and finding an ending.


Every time someone says cool in Community Watch all 412 cools from Abed, and others.


Oreos and the Art of Crossword Puzzle Construction A chronicle of a controversial cookie and condiment crossword clue.


Play These Puzzles to Reveal the Racial and Gender Breakdown of Crosswords Mini crosswords generated from a data analysis of puzzles from the New York Times, and others.


Who’s in the Crossword? A look at representation and inclusivity in crossword puzzles.


Winning the Internet A data-driven newsletter of links in other newsletters.


Where do Americans stand on election issues? Explore where voters stand on key issues facing the country.


An Illustrated Guide to Masked Wrestlers Stories, facts, and pixel art drawings of hundreds of masked wrestlers.


The Infinite Monkey Theorem Experiment What happens when you combine music, Joe Rogan, and probability?


Do Authors Write Where They Know? Examining how far authors set their books from where they’ve lived.


The Aftermath of a YouTube Apology Quantifying the lasting impact of a YouTube controversy.


Laughing OnLine Exploring the usage, evolution, and perception of digital laughter.


Hipster Summer Reading List 2019 An artisanal guide to obscure books based on 100 million checkout records.


A People Map of the UK Where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident.


A People Map of the US Where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident.


The NBA Has a Defensive Three Seconds Problem The one foul that refs love to ignore.


Women’s Issues Within Political Party Platforms Every four years political parties document their positions in written platforms. How often do women’s issues appear in the text?


NBA Spell Jam A spelling bee for the hardest names in the NBA.


How many high school stars make it in the NBA? Every year the top high school basketball recruits get hyped up. How often do they pan out?


The Gyllenhaal Experiment The many ways to misspell the hardest names in pop culture.


The World through the Eyes of the US The countries that have preoccupied Americans since 1900.


Internet Boy Band Database Every boy band to chart the Hot 100 since 1980.


What Does the Path to Fame Look Like? Tracking the rise in popularity from Cardi B to Carson Wentz.


The Celebrity Billboard Project Tracking the popularity of cultural figures in 2018.


Life After Death on Wikipedia What pageviews tell us about how famous people are remembered after they die.


The Most-Viewed NBA Plays in 2017-18 Warning: this video contains a high dosage of LeBron footage.


One-Hit Wonders in Sports The greatest single-season anomalies in the last 30 years.


The Birthday Paradox Experiment Your birthday twin is probably reading this right now. Because math.


The Structure of Stand-Up Comedy The genius of Ali Wong’s Netflix special.


10 Things Everyone Hates About You Exploring over 30 million feelings towards 3,000+ topics.


How far is too far? An analysis of driving times to abortion clinics in the US. Mapping the cities and places with the worst access.


She Giggles, He Gallops Analyzing gender tropes in film with screen direction from 2,000 scripts.


‘The Office’ Dialogue in Five Charts A breakdown of how every character contributed to the show.


Free Willy and Flipper by the Numbers The past, present, and future of captive whales and dolphins according to data and pop culture.


The Platinum Patients Each year, 1 in every 20 Americans racks up just as much in medical bills as the other 19 combined.


What City is the Microbrew Capital of the US? Using beer review data to rank the best cities in the country.


How Russell Westbrook can Average a Triple-Double As of March 8, Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple-double for the entire season.


Mapping America’s Taste in Oscar Films Where this year's Oscar-nominated movies are most popular, across 3,000 U.S. counties.


NBA Last Two Minute Report An on-going project that reviews officiating from the NBA Last Two Minute Report.


The Unlikely Odds of Making it Big What three years and 75,000 shows in New York tell us about the chance your favorite band will succeed.


How News Media Covers Trump & Clinton Analyzing 12,147 images of the candidates.


Twenty Years of the NBA Redrafted Using career stats to prove the best/worst NBA draft picks, ever.


Make it stop. Editorial on gun violence since the assault weapons ban expired in 2004.


Started from the bottom The various paths NBA franchises have taken to get from the bottom to the top of league.


Arresting words A look what people say when they get arrested in Boston.


A TV viewer’s guide to campaign ads A data analysis and visualization of every single campaign spot leading up to the New Hampshire Primaries.


Clash in the name of care: The e-mails Graphic of e-mail correspondences between key players at MGH regarding concurrent surgeries.


Clash in the name of care A Spotlight investigation about concurrent surgery practices at MGH.


The staff of life and love A multimedia story about a 90 year-old man who makes challah for his sons every week.


Journey to Myanmar A visual travel essay combining photo, video, and audio explores the regions of Myanmar.


Hollow An interactive documentary exploring the decline of rural America.

A collection of Open Source libraries and tools I have created.

Scrollama.js A modern & lightweight JavaScript library for scrollytelling using IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events.

enter-view.js Dependency-free JavaScript library to detect when element enters into view.

Data S3 Simple interface to deal with data on s3 built on top of the Node AWS SDK.

render-d3-video A CLI tool to generate videos from locally running server using d3 to override time.

Responsive table generator HTML/CSS only responsive table generator.

skimmer.js Dependency-free JavaScript library to detect when a user is skimming the a page.

NBA shot zones Compute shot zones from x,y coordindates.